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He has a long hard pecker made for banging slutty babes but there is something about that feeling when he is taking a big dildo up his rectum that this dude finds irresistible. There is nothing he loves more than to have hardcore sex with his wife and her sexy girlfriend. One of them is banging his bottom with a big strap-on while the other one is giving him a nasty deepthroat blowjob during the husband pegging action and before a big cum explosion. He needs to empty his balls as soon as possible…

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There is nothing this long haired redhead darling loves more than to put a long strap on around her waist and make her husband cum by fucking him up the ass while he is lying on the bed with his legs wide spread and moaning like a girl. This is his first time having husband pegging sex and he loves the fact that his tattooed sexy lady is in control and that there is nothing he can do except to enjoy every inch as she is penetrating his rectum with a glass dildo.

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It was a lovely summer day when this brunette honey decided to try something new with her hubby when it comes to hardcore sex. He was banging her ass a lot of times before and now she wanted to switch the roles. She is ready to put a strap-on and show him how a good husband pegging sex looks like. All he has to do is bend over and spread his tight ass cheeks wide while his penis is getting rock hard and ready for milking. The way she is moving her hips is just amazing!

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While his cock is swaying back and forth during the amazing husband pegging action, his tight virgin rectum is getting pounded by a long strap-on which is attached to his wife’s sexy waist. There is nothing she wants more than to make him cum really hard and empty his large white shaved balls as soon as possible and the best way to do that is to move her hips faster and spank his booty. Husband pegging quickly became popular among married couples since they all realized that it feels amazing while your wife is banging you.

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His ebony sweet wife always has some new ideas when it comes to hardcore sex and this time she is using a long dildo attached around her waist to make her hubby reach an intense orgasm as soon as possible. She is sweating because of all the banging and that is making him even hornier and his pecker rock hard. Husband pegging is getting more and more popular among the married couples mostly because it is interesting for guys to see their wives shagging them and because of that feeling of a long dildo up their fuck holes.

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